January 30, 2012

Over the Weekend

I'm easing into Monday of what promises to be a busy week. I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen. Using up veggie scraps to make stock, turning oranges, sugar, butter and eggs into orange cardamom curd (which I cooked for too long. I am tempted to make another batch to get it right, but I might try lemon or another citrus curd instead). I used the extra egg whites from the curd to make meringues. 

This morning I have sourdough rising on the counter, orders to send at the post office, and plans to make some napkin sets today. Maybe this evening I'll have a chance to finally start my sweater. 

So far I've turned several of the skeins of lichen colored lark yarn into balls ready to knit. I wish I had gotten this project going a month or two ago, but maybe I can finish this before winter loosens it's grasp. 

What have you been making lately?

1 comment:

  1. Is this yarn for your sweater? Looking forward to seeing it! I've been tailoring some trousers so they fit perfectly, which seems like such a luxury. Miss you!