January 27, 2012

This Week


Not so much the studio, other parts of the house.

Last week it was time for another overhaul of our living space. I love eliminating clutter and finding ways to use our space differently so that it feels new and refreshed. I've realized that I need to do this three or four times a year. I did some repurposing of things, as well as spaces, and turned an old bulletin board into a chalkboard (with several coats of chalkboard paint).

I think I mentioned before that I love pinterest because it seems so full of hope and inspiration. So many people have dream home or dream apartment boards. I love that everyone dreams about the perfect, amazing space they want to create and I also love the challenge of making due with what we have in our apartment and making it work for us. It will never have the look of a gorgeous home decor photo, but these little changes can make such a big difference especially when it is dismal and gray outside.

I watched this short film from this must be the place and it reminded me of how much I hope for that someday place that we will be able to dig into and really make our own.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Anna--

    Love that look-- love the calendar. Who is the artist?

    Oh-- a few posts back you talked about stopping your NY'er subscription, and I often wonder if I should do the same. But just that week there was a wonderful essay by Donald Hall and I was glad to be able to read it in snippets. Keep us posted on how your reading has changed. I'm still considering the switch myself.

    I'm not much one for novels lately, but if you like non-fiction essay-ish stuff, check out Donald Hall's _Life Work_. I thought it was wonderful.

    I always like reading your blog-- thanks.


  2. Emily-- The artist is Nikki McClure. I love her work and get her calendar every year. I really enjoyed the New Yorker, they had great articles and I am sure I'm missing some now. But I hardly read any books because there was so much to read in there every week and I also felt that I had to read as much of it as I could. If I wasn't the only one reading it, I wouldn't have felt quite as obligated. I have read several books since my subscription ended. Two of Ruth Reichl's memoirs, a novel by Barbara Kingsolver, a book of travel essays by Calvin Trillin, 1984, and now I'm reading Woman: An Intimate Geography which is a really interesting non-fiction book full of science but very readable. Thanks for reading and for saying hello!