February 3, 2012

This Week in the Studio

It has been a busy week here. I finished some napkin sets and added them to the shop. I also placed my first wholesale fabric order this week and I am excited about the possibilities that this will allow me to try and the new things I will be able to make and offer in my shop.

I got to see and listen to Gabrielle Hamilton read from her book, Blood Bones and Butter. She advised that you should be careful what you get good at because you might be doing it forever. She also described the experience of coming to a fork in the road of life and thinking that she had chosen one direction and let go of the other forever, but then found that down the road the two paths came together again.

We are having several friends over for dinner on Saturday so I am trying some new recipes and ideas. I'll be back next week to share some of them with you. Hope you had a good week and enjoy whatever you weekend may bring!

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