I'm Anna the writer, cook, baker, sewist, gardener, creator and photographer behind The Road to the Farm.

Whether I am planting seeds in the soil, baking bread in the kitchen or sewing together colorful fabric, I am passionate about making things by hand. I started this blog as a chance chronicle my creative experiences. I share recipes, tutorials, stories and ideas to inspire you in making while I also share my journey as a creator and now the maker of Seedling Design.

I grew up in New England and started this blog when I was living in Portland, Maine. After four years in Saint Paul, Minnesota we recently moved back to Maine. No matter where I live, I can’t keep from making things. In 2010, I channeled some of my creative passion into a small business making bags, aprons and other items for enjoying life in the kitchen. In 2013, our son, Amos, was born. Now I spend most of my time with him and look forward to the time when he'll be able to make things with me.

While I sew and bake, I dream of having a plot of a land, a big garden, a few animals and a place for my family. This blog reminds me that the journey may be even more important than the destination. When I started this I didn’t know I would eventually use my creativity to start a very small business. Whatever twists and turns the road to the farm takes, it is about making food from scratch and enjoying the process, crafting things by hand, feeling connected to the simple beauty in life, and caring for the earth.

I invite you to join me on this road, wherever your compass is pointed. We may have different goals or hopes for the future, but we all know the joy that comes from making something with our own two hands. I aim to inspire you to create and to share what I make. I hope you will come along and share thoughts, feedback and your ideas with me, too.