December 4, 2011

Recently (some things I've been enjoying)


I've been listening to the Goat Rodeo sessions a lot. You can hear this beautiful music here. 

I just read Unbroken, a compelling and fascinating book which I highly recommend.

I made this apple cake, in attempt to make a dent in all the fruit we have. It only used two apples, but it is a really good any time of day or week cake.

Speaking of fruit, we got our first clementines of the season in our fruit share last week. The sweet citrus was a taste I didn't know I had missed. So good!

I would like to hang this print and this one in my kitchen.

I'm finally making progress knitting the hat I started two years ago. I'm glad to get back into knitting, it so relaxing and yet productive. Next, I need a new scarf, then I hope to be onto a sweater...

I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time last week (it's available to watch instantly on netflix). I can't believe I'd never seen it before. My favorite scenes were when they were in the library surrounded by the drawers of card catalogs and when they were talking to the man at Tiffany's about Cracker Jack prizes.

I started a Pinterest account which seems to be the perfect answer for where to stash good ideas that I find online. I haven't had a chance to explore it deeply, but it is fun to see so many ideas in one place.

New bags will be in the shop today!

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  1. Can you send me an invite? It gives me hope I might have time to do such a thing some day...