December 2, 2011

This Week in the Studio

Since I've finally been knitting more, I wanted a nice bag to keep my knitting and some knitting supplies in. I made myself a large rectangular tote with a small interior pocket and a big double pocket with some decorative stitching on the outside. It works well for knitting, but it is also a great tote for other purposes. I went out on a limb thinking that I'm not the only one who has a use for this bag and made four more for the shop.

I can't decide what to call this bag or exactly what it is for. I've used it for knitting, to carry my stuff to yoga (I like a deep tote bag for storing my mat on the walk to class), and it is also handy when you need to grab your stuff and go.

I love the way stitching looks on the outside of fabric. Whether it is abstract or a more recognizable design, it is fun to do. I think I would like to do more with lines and designs of stitching. 

I haven't had a chance to get them in the shop yet, You can see them here but I wanted to share a sneak peek. Happy Friday!


  1. These are really nice, Anna! I look forward to seeing them in the shop. Happy December...

  2. These are gorgeous. and look really practical. in a gorgeous and chic and whimiscal while still being amazingly functional to the point of indispensible sort of way.

  3. Thanks Brita! Thanks Jasmine -- I think that was what I was going for :)