November 24, 2010

Share the Warmth

When the weather is freezing, snowflakes fluttering under gray skies, the darkness comes early and I love the light that comes from inside bright windows in cozy houses. It spills into the darkness and brings a touch of warmth to a winter night. I know its not officially winter, but here in Minnesota, it certainly feels like it is. We're expecting a winter storm to usher in Thanksgiving and hence it is the time of year for warm and cozy.

pie abundance bag

Our Thanksgiving this year will be very low key, just two of us cooking a few of our favorite dishes, relaxing, maybe playing a game or some music. I love this holiday because, while it can be a complicated production, it is really all about the best things in life: good food, family, friends, and taking time to appreciate everything that we have.

share the warmth green bag

I've been making various preparations for the start of the "holiday season." In a flurry of making aprons and bags for my shop I've made some new bags that, for me, encompass a lot of what I want for these wintery holidays. Warmth, coziness, sharing food and joy. I've also been thinking about projects I want to work on and share here and what I will be making and sharing with friends and family. I know this is a very busy season, but I want to be mindful of the time and do my best to enjoy preparations and celebrations.

share the warmth redbag

I know that sharing warmth, light and joy are not exclusive to this time of year. Winter certainly stretches on long past January. But I like taking this time to celebrate all the abundance of good things that we have, and to remember to share them with anyone I can. A cup of tea, a slice of pie or a mug of hot chocolate, a friendly conversation, a handmade gift, soup, bright lights in the darkness.

Wishing you a wonderful, warm, abundant Thanksgiving if you are celebrating tomorrow!

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  1. Lovely bags! Perfect for the season. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!