November 18, 2010

A Crafty Holiday

Thanks to Angela from The Artist's House we are hopping from blog to blog to share ideas about buying handmade and making it a crafty holiday. A whole variety of bloggers are participating to inspire all of us to choose handmade.

Let me start my thoughts on this topic by confessing two things. One: I usually don't like to think about Christmas until well after Thanksgiving, around December 1. Two: I often try to make all my gifts rather than buy them.

Now, you may see the problem with these two things. Without much time to plan ahead it is hard to make all the gifts that I intend to. Usually, after a whirlwind of making that ends just before December 25, I vow that next year I will start sooner. So, here I am. I've been thinking about what I want to give for the holidays this year. I've also been thinking about what I want to make. It all comes down to handmade.

It is so important to me to give things that are made with care, by people who are fairly compensated for their work, using materials and practices that are not harmful. Whether it is made by me or someone else, giving handmade seems like the best way to ensure all of this. It frequently amazes me to realize all of the unique and carefully crafted things that people are making and the huge variety of these that you can find online, at craft fairs and holiday sales and in local shops.

Some items that I love (and would joyfully give or receive):


1. A cozy and beautiful Autumn Vine Hoodie from Anna Joyce
2. Creative and lovely Origami Reusable Food Bags from The Fabric Society
3. A Tiny House from My House Party
4.The Ocean Waves Scarf from Knit Frekkles

There are a couple of handmade gift ideas (below) that made me think of my husband, Ray. I love this card from eggagogo because its a funny way of saying that I really appreciate all of his love and support and I don't know how I would do everything that I dream of without him. He brews beer in our kitchen so I think he would appreciate this wonderfully designed Beer print from Manvsink.


Finally, I wanted to remind you that even if you are making your own handmade gifts, you still can find supplies, gift tags or seasonal cards made with care by other creative people .


1. Beautiful yarn from icelandic sheep from Woolever Farm In Maine.
2. Handmade Glass Beads from Cynthia Murphy.
3. Sweet holiday cards from Plain Jane Store.
4. Wonderfully designed letter press Love and Joy Gift Tags from Red Bird Ink.

If I haven't given you enough ideas and reasons to buy handmade, especially for the holidays, check out the previous Crafty Holiday posts and be sure to hop along tomorrow to see what Brandi has to say at brandi girl.


  1. These are adorable! I'm so glad you found that hoodie, I'm definitely going to be getting some gifts from there.


  2. I love that you make a lot of your own. AND I love that little house! So cute:) Thanks for sharing

  3. This is a lovely post. Actually your whole blog is lovely - I'm participating in A Crafty Holiday in the beginning of December and I'm glad I stumbled across you through it :)
    I love the origami food bags. That hoodie is really cute too. Enjoy your holiday shopping!

  4. What a great post, and lovely lists. I love the hoodie and the little house.

    I also love the reminder to make handmade as well. Money will be tight this Christmas and so my hubby and I are making some of our gifts as well --I'm making pot holders and tea towels for my mom and mother-in-law, and my hubby is making ceramic dishes. Hopefully they will be loved ;)

  5. I really love that youe encouraged making your own handmade too. I have been toiling on gifts for my family and I hope they are appreciated (which I am sure they will be). Great post!

  6. Great picks. I'm trying to squeeze in some homemade items too. Love the supplies you highlight esp. the beads.

  7. love the beard with glasses image. their t-shirts are a huge hit here in Providence.

  8. wonderful list, I appreciate the bit you added about buying your supplies & gift cards online. Because so many of us do create things ourselves that is wonderful way to make handmade and still support artists. I totally love the beard card! that is perfect for my husband and so glad you posted it!!! thanks.

  9. Thanks everyone for reading this post and checking out my blog. I definitely hope to support as many fellow creators as I can and make some gifts to. Happy handmade shopping and making!

  10. I love the choices you picked! The hoodie and the clever girl card are fantastic!