September 30, 2011

Favorite Fall Recipes


I just ate my first fall apple. Late in the apple season, I know, but there were lots of peaches in early September. It was a Cortland, one of my favorite kinds, with just enough tart to balance the sweet and juicy only the way a fall apple can be. I do keep eating apples well into the winter, but they just aren't the same as the crunchy red and green fruit that I eat as the sun warms the cool autumn air. The leaves have gone from deep green to golden and many are starting to fall.

Along with all of the nostalgia that comes with the new season, I've noticed that I return to favorite fall recipes. They aren't anything fancy, but they require ingredients that are best this time of year. There are a few recipes that I forget about until late September. I might only make them once or twice this season but somehow I always remember them right around this time. That's what I love about eating seasonally, the favorites that reappear when the ingredients are available.

Here are some of the fall recipes I love. Ginger pear upside-down cake. Tomatoes Filled with Rice. Acorn squash quesadillas (I like them with cranberry salsa) I'm sure there are more.... What are your favorite fall recipes?

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