September 29, 2010


I recently started reading the site Scoutie Girl, and this morning Tara posed this question: Why do you DIY? She has some great reasons to do it yourself and I wanted to share some of my motivations and thoughts on DIY, too.

Making it myself is a big part of how I interact with the world. I don't want to just be an observer and consumer. I can't help it, I am a maker  and creator. By making something I am putting a bit of myself into the world and starting a sort of give and take, a dialogue between being an observer and creator. It is also really important to me to be able to rely on my own hard work and creativity. I know that I won't need to buy any salsa this year, since we have plenty that I canned in our cupboard. That is so satisfying.

I am curious and I think I often want to know what it is like to make something, whether it is a batch of homemade croissants or a skirt to wear this weekend, I want to know and understand the process. I also like to see if I can actually succeed at making something

I like a challenge. I'm not a really competitive person, but I like to think that I can make something that I need that will (ideally) be just the way I want it. I was working on a little project last night and I realized that everything I am making for Seedling Design has come from something that I wanted to make for myself. I love making things that are just right for what I need and now I am so excited to be able to share these since, I suspect, they will be just right for many other people to. It reminds me of what my Mom has always said about gift giving, that you should always give something that you would like to receive. I am thrilled to be making a small business sharing the things that I love.


My latest creation makes me wonder, though. I made a little book, almost like a planner, because I sometimes need to jot things down when I am on the go. I usually keep dates and to do lists in my head, but I am hoping I can declutter my brain a bit by having somewhere else to write them. I wanted something nice looking and handy. I love it, but I realize that Apple may have cornered this market with the ubiquitous iphone. I have a cell phone, but its not smart or anything and I'm fine with that. So, I've made the low tech, no batteries needed, perfect place to jot notes, to do lists or numbers. It may not be the thing everyone else needs, but it fits in perfectly with why I DIY.


I don't want or need anything high tech, I'm happy with what I can make myself.

I would love to know why you make things yourself, please share in the comments and check out Tara's post, too!


  1. I don't make a lot of things myself because I'm not crafty and my kitchen is closet size... but when I do it's because it is A) cheaper or B) it tastes or works better my way (like pasta sauce vs. the jarred kind.) I love your planner! I have a smart phone but sadly it is smarter than me - sometimes I think my phone can do everything but allow people to call me - I always drop calls trying to slide the screen and answer grr! Wish I had a pantry full of your homemade salsa, m'mm.

  2. I like to make most everything myself, it's just important to me to understand the work involved in the things I use. Some things I don't do again, and obviously I don't have time to do everything but at least I have an understanding of the process when I buy it from the creator (it also allows me to be choosy about whom to buy from).

    I love the planner and oh I had an electronic planner for a while but honestly, I love putting pen to paper so much better than stylus to screen.

  3. It looks like you made a great book. I'm nowhere near as crafty as you but I definitely agree there's some satisfaction in knowing how to do things yourself.

  4. Totally! I love how selling handmade jewelry feels like making gifts for my customers :) Especially I love when they share with me that the item IS a gift for someone, or they're wearing it at their wedding. I get to be a part of so many special moments :)

  5. Here is a similar thread, on a different site - motivated by a contest, but still fun to read.

    Have you seen the book they're trying to win? I just discovered it today (at Anthropologie, of all places), and it looked amazing. Anna, you're already way ahead of some of the basics it includes, but you might like it anyway.

  6. Thanks for sharing everyone! I love that most people have at least one or two things, that they make themselves, even if its only occasionally. I also love that some of you still like writing on paper in this digital age. So good to hear from you!

  7. Anna, your book is wonderful! I love the details of the button closure and inside pockets, and the fabric is perfect! I don't DIY as much as I can and should, but am moving more in that direction every day - and this post is great inspiration.

    All the best, Shawn