September 17, 2010

Friday Ramble


On my run today, I came across a box in front of a neighbors house, full of little home grown pears with a sign saying "Help Yourself." I couldn't pass up locally grown fruit and such generosity so I ran home with my hands full. They are sweet and slightly crisp, I would love to use them in my favorite fall dessert, but we'll probably just eat them before I get a chance.


I bought Ray this adorable vintage gadget for his birthday. It is much cuter than the fancy grind and brew coffee maker we have and it gives Ray the option of making cold brewed iced coffee with a french press. I'm not a coffee drinker so I can't say whether it makes for a better cup, but it is so cute and I love having another hand powered, useful kitchen tool. We've been dreaming about a cider press, but it is really impractical considering we don't have any apple trees or the ability to drink vast quantities of cider.  Someday....

I bought the grinder from the vintage section of Etsy. Now that I have an Etsy shop I have been looking around at more of the things people make and sell and I am really in awe. It is so amazing to see what people are printing, crafting and creating. I'm completely convinced that buying handmade (and vintage or used) is the way to go for so many reasons and it is possible to find carefully crafted versions of almost anything you could want.

On that note, I've been thinking about consuming and simplifiying. I read this article last month and it made me wonder, as I often do, if I should get rid of everything (or most things) that I own. I definitely admire those who do, but my thought process usually comes back to point that I don't feel compelled to consume, I would rather make than buy, and I don't feel that my possessions or financial status has anything to do with my worth or my happiness. Almost everything we have in our apartment is carefully chosen, meaningful, useful or inspirational. I'm sure we could live happily with less but I'm pretty careful about what I buy and acquire, so I feel that there is a decent equilibrium. Then again, I didn't hesitate to grab those pears!

Speaking of simplifying and not buying, have you heard of Neighborgoods? Its a website that facilitates borrowing from your neighbor. If you have something you are willing to lend, you can list it on the website and you can also list things you would like to borrow. I am a member, but I haven't shared or borrowed anything yet. It seems like such a good idea, especially now that meeting our neighbors isn't an automatic thing (at least where I have lived recently). I hope that I will have a chance to meet some of my neighbors this way and I love the idea that everyone doesn't have to own one of everything, we can share.

I am going a bit crazy because my sewing machine is in the shop so I haven't been able to complete any projects with that. I will be working at my restaurant job all weekend, but next week I am planning some adventures in the kitchen which will hopefully end up as a couple of go slow make it yourself posts. If you are interested in exploring some recipes for things you can make instead of buy and you haven't seen them yet, check out hummus, yogurt, and whole wheat croissants. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I completely agree with you about financial status and happiness and stuff. There's nothing like homemade