March 31, 2010

San Francisco and Beyond


Thanks for your comments and observations on our little city and home.  The traveling portion of this year has begun, for Ray and I.  We just spent a week exploring San Francisco.  Eating lots of great food, walking all over the city, crossing bridges, sitting in cafes, visiting my sister Caroline and also seeing friends.  It was a very full week and I'm grateful to have the chance to explore a city that I don't know very well.  In a couple of days we will get on another plane to Costa Rica where we will be for six weeks volunteering and exploring a new part of the world.

After eating many wonderful restaurant meals last week, I found myself in a bookstore admiring books on food and cooking which reminded of how very much I love to cook and grow and create.  Traveling opens my senses to new tastes, ideas, languages and creative possibilities.  I will be back here to share these sometime in May.  Until then, we hope to occasionally share some stories of our time in Costa Rica over at our travel blog.  Feel free to check it out and until I see you again here, safe journeys.


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  1. Have a safe trip. I look forward to reading about your adventures!