February 25, 2010


Simple sewing projects can be so rewarding.  Especially when they allow me to solve a problem with my own creativity.  I have a few different bags that I carry with me to work or when I am out and about.  I like to bring a book, maybe my journal, sometimes an additional layer of clothing, and a travel mug.  The bag needs to have enough space to accommodate these things, but I don't always use the same bag and sometimes I would rather not carry a bag at all.  Still, I have a few essentials that I bring everywhere: my wallet, keys, usually lip balm and most often a cell phone.  It is annoying to have to shuffle these items from bag to bag and pocket to pocket.  I often absentmindedly stash them in different pockets of a bag or coat or leave them among the other  items and debris.

For a long time I have been meaning to solve this problem and finally, the other day, I made a little bag for stashing all of my essentials.  Some might call this a purse, when I showed it to Ray he said it was a tool bag, but whatever it is called, it has, in a day or two, proven to be quite useful.
It was really simple to sew: two peices, sewn right sides together and turned inside out.  I determined the best pocket to cover ratio and sewed up the sides.  I almost didn't put a button on it because I wanted it to be really simple, but I'm glad I put the button and elastic tie on so that nothing slips out while its shuffling around in my bag.

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