October 21, 2014

Fall Planting

Over the weekend we spent a few hours sheet mulching my dad's garden in preparation for next season. I planted a small bed of garlic which will overwinter and start growing in the spring. In contrast to those hardy garlic cloves which sleep soundly through the freeze, I brought some more delicate green things into our house.

I am very happy to finally have some plants in our living space. Our new apartment gets lots of wonderful light so I hope I can give these plants a good environment in which to thrive. The greenhouse where I chose the plants had a sign saying that you need something 15-18 plants to purify the air in 1000 square feet. I was tempted to bring home more plants, but I decided to make sure that I can keep these few alive until the garlic begins to sprout. I usually find house plants more difficult than garden annuals but I have done some research and I hope to give them the best care I can. Having some living green things inside helps our house to feel even more like a home.

Do you have any favorite house plants?


  1. I really have to take care of my living room and add some flowers! I'm really glad I've found your blog!

    1. It's always nice to have green and growing things nearby!