August 11, 2014

More and Less

Four years ago this month we arrived in Minnesota and unpacked our moving truck while melting in the heat. Now I am packing the contents of our apartment back into boxes which we will move at the end of the month. Over the time we have lived here we have let go of a lot of the things we brought with us and we have also gotten lots of new things (including a baby). As always when packing and moving, I have been thinking a lot about what to bring with us and what we don't need to keep anymore.

As I decide what will go in our boxes I am trying to focus on the things that we need, that we use all the time, and that we thoroughly enjoy. I know there will be a few things that don't fit this criteria that I decide to pack anyway. I am already pretty conscious about what I chose to fill my home with but it is surprising how easy it is to get attached to things and how easy it is to confuse the things you own with part of who you are. I am amazed at how freeing it is to let many of these things go.

We are probably not headed toward extreme minimalism but I am glad that moving is giving us an opportunity to reassess the things we have and to lighten our load. I have also realized that I can do this on my own terms. I can let go of things when I am ready. I don't have to count my to count my things or get rid of anything that I don't want to though I am inspired by other people who chose to live with less. I am excited to have a fresh start with our new apartment. 

P.S. I am hoping to pack less of my inventory. If you see something you need or thoroughly enjoy (or whatever) from Seedling Design, I am offering 25% off through August 25. More info here.

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