November 12, 2013

As Many Days as I Can


Although I have had time to work on little bits of projects here and there, I have recently realized how much I miss my creative time. Most of my days recently have been spent trying to get a certain someone to nap. We take lots of walks and play and I make dinner and do the dishes and laundry. Most evenings, I try to be productive but I usually just want to relax.

I was just standing by the stove waiting for the kettle to boil. If we are both home, Ray and I often meet up for tea and sometimes dessert around 8 pm. As the blue flame hit the while kettle I once again contemplated how I am going to get anything else done in the next few months. I think the biggest thing I have learned from having Amos so far is that life really is all about the moments. When they are good, sink into them and breathe contentment. When they are hard, know that they will pass and the good will come again. It is not easy for me to remember that they way things are right this minute is not how they will be forever, but lately I have been reminded of this over and over again.

Thinking about this has prompted me to consider the idea of sharing a bit of writing and maybe a photo as many days as I can. To capture a moment, to reconnect, however briefly, with a little creative outlet. I'm not going to set a time frame or require a certain frequency of accomplishing this but I'm going to try to do it. I often acknowledge that this blog (and most of my creative work) is a work in progress, miles away from the perfected magazine like blogs and much closer to messy scribbles in a journal. But I like that this space can change and evolve and be here for what I need. And I do like the experience of sharing with you.

Since I haven't mentioned much here, I wanted to make sure that you've seen the new Seedling Design Calendar (that is mostly what I've been working on lately). I have also made some changes to the pricing of items in my shop in hopes that I can make room for new work and new directions (this might be the last of many of the things that are there so get them while you can :) )

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