May 1, 2013

What Do You Want to Cultivate?

I'm working on the 2014 Seedling Design calendar and clearly I am thinking spring (and summer) and doing my best to bring it to life in fabric. This particular calendar page to be was inspired by a question that one of my yoga teachers asked: What do you want to cultivate?

This simple question has so many meanings, especially as we embrace the new season and savor the first few warm days. The emergence of spring is a reminder that new beginnings are always possible and also that growth will continue. It encourages me to dust away cobwebs, plant seeds, and pay attention to the little changes all around me.

Setting aside the immediate desires to be more productive in my work and to grow my business, I am trying to focus on the big changes that are happening in my life. We've been collecting and preparing the things we (think) we will need to be ready for our baby. In the near frenzy of trying to clean the house, wash and organize tiny clothes, finish some work, and fill the freezer with quick and healthy foods, I have only just returned to considering what I want to cultivate in my life now and in the coming months.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by everything there is to know and need and learn in this process. Instead of letting fear take over, I keep reminding myself that I want to cultivate trust. Trust in myself, that I can do what needs to be done and figure out the things that seem hard or uncertain. Trust that Ray and I will be able to work together and be a solid team in this process. Trust in the people around us who can help us with challenges that might arise.

When we plant seeds in the ground they hardly need anything extra to grow. With the support of sun and soil and water they gradually emerge to their true potential. Its hard to believe that we all have what we need inside of ourselves, too, but if we focus on what we want to cultivate in ourselves and our lives then these things will grow.

So tell me, What do you want to cultivate?


  1. Interesting question. I think I'd like to cultivate peace of mind and calmness. I'm looking for the tools. One thing that helps is finding the time to jog and get rid of some of that extra energy that builds up in my body/mind.

  2. Emily -- I think its good to remember that it takes time to cultivate these things and when you find a practice (like jogging) that helps you to get closer to the things you want to have in your life, or the place you want to be in your mind and heart it helps to nurture these seeds.