March 18, 2013

Fearlessly and Imperfectly

tortilla dough

making corn tortillas

tortilla making

corn tortillas 

I made corn tortillas for the first time last week. Over the last few years, flour tortillas have become a regular addition to our meals but I've always been uncertain about making corn tortillas. Clearly I have some practicing to do before they turn out perfectly round but they tasted sweeter and more like corn than the expertly made tortillas that I buy. I used them to make enchiladas and they worked perfectly for filling with beans and fresh corn and cilantro.

Other day to day challenges can be much more daunting, but when I am in the kitchen I feel totally comfortable, full of ideas and eager to create. When I saw this recipe for corn tortillas I knew I had to finally make some of my own. It didn't matter whether or not they would be perfect. In the world of blogs they are probably not even worth posting since they look far too amateur and homemade. I wanted to share them because I am convinced that creating fearlessly and imperfectly is something that everyone should do.

My days are caught up in making with food and fabric, in capturing the beautiful and simple (and imperfect) moments, in striving to share them in some way. I share a lot of that here, but I am eager to share more ways to create and help you explore the way handmade connects us more deeply to where we are. I won't keep plugging my e-course all the time but I am excited about the possibilities it will open for all of us.


  1. A tortilla press helps even out those edges and make your tortillas round (if you care about such things). Of course, they still taste the same! Yum. I can almost taste them.

  2. Yes, I definitely will try them again and use a press (or something like it). Thanks for the suggestion.