December 10, 2012

Studio Update

studio 12.10

I've been meaning to share a studio update for a while now. I've been busy at my sewing machine making new portable placemats, aprons, and I just finished a new series of linen tree bags.


The tree bags are all made from linen which gives them a casual elegance. Their simple shape is large enough to hold several books, knitting supplies, groceries, your keys, wallet, phone, camera, water bottle, yoga mat and whatever you might need to carry. But the bags are not huge so you won't be weighed down by carrying too much. Each bag features a winter, spring/summer, or autumn tree and the straps are lined with a color that matches the leaves.


A number of the placemats and aprons I have made recently are now for sale at I Like You in northeast Minneapolis. Of course there are still plenty in my shop as well. There are still calendars available as well. I really hope all of these things will find good homes, soon!

This week I am transitioning to holiday preparations. I have gifts to sew and bake and find and decorations to brighten our living room for this glowing season. We had a big snow storm yesterday so everything outside is white and sparkly and looking perfectly like December. I hope your holidays and preparations are going well and bringing you joy!

P.S. I recently had the opportunity to share a story if my early days in food. You can read it here.


  1. Hi Anna, I have never commented before, however, I simply had to after reading about The Restaurant. What a beautifully told story! It actually brought a tear to my eye. I remember dreaming up great projects like this with my four younger siblings. I barely remember the failures and revel in the successes.

    I look at my daughter now, not even one and can not wait for her to start dreaming up her own great plans.

    Thanks for sharing. Luna. :)

  2. Luna - Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!