October 2, 2012



I finally got some little jars for keeping dried herbs. They had been hanging in suspense for too long and now they are organized and stored for the winter. I still have some pots outside but we are supposed to get a frost this week so they won't last much longer.

The neighborhood is filled with golden light filtering through the tree leaves aflame with burgundy and bright yellow. We are in the midst of several warm days, possibly the last of the season before more appropriately autumnal weather chills the air. Today is my first day off from going to work in a month but I have a long list of things I want to do. Sourdough bread is rising on the counter. I have a few cooking projects in mind for this afternoon. Some bars, this sunflower seed butter, and maybe crackers. I have cleaning and sewing and writing to do but I know I'll have to get out and scuff my feet through the crackling leaves that have scattered on the sidewalks. And I want to practice my fiddle, which has been neglected for too long.

Summer held on tight through September but October is making sure we know that fall is really here. It's the season of soaking in the sun while it lasts, then bundling against the cold. Moving quickly through the brisk air and coming home to the warmth of the kitchen. Reconnecting and diving into inside projects and spaces while enjoying the fiery beauty outside before it fades.

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