August 9, 2012

The Aroma of Herbs


I have started drying my herbs again. Thanks to my friend Meg who plant sat while we were away, my pots of basil, sage, rosemary, mint, tarragon, oregano and thyme are doing really well. Last year I ended up drying most of my herbs right before the frost, but I am trying to dry more of them sooner this year. Cutting the plants back has encouraged them to grow better and I daydream about making herb or tea mixes to give as gifts.

When I used my dried herbs last winter, I was amazed by their flavor. Dried basil, for example, still holds the aroma of the fresh plant and tastes nothing like the dried basil from the store. I love having fresh herbs outside the back door and the challenge is always to use them as much as possible, fresh or dried.

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