July 31, 2012

Madison Farmers' Market

Madison capitol building

After all of our adventures earlier this month, we got to take another more local trip this past weekend. Ray had a conference in Madison, Wisconsin and I joined him so I could explore while he wrote code. On Saturday my friend Emily met me and we went to the farmers market that rings the capitol building in the center of town.

Madison Farmer's Market

If you haven't noticed, I love going to farmer's markets. It is always interesting and inspiring to see the things that people grow and make; the foods that are unique to the place and the vegetables that are grown in many places but always look so gorgeous piled on tables, glowing on a sunny day.

honey at the market

Since we were in Wisconsin there was, of course, lots of cheese and cheese curds, also ears of corn piled high, maple syrup and honey, tempting baked goods, and radiant bouquets of flowers. We also saw someone selling gourds in all shapes and sizes, baskets of beautiful portabello mushrooms, varieties of herbs and grains.

Mushrooms at the Market

I love farmers' markets for their because they are an ideal place to shop for food in the summer. I think I enjoy them even more because a visit to the market is a chance for a leisurely stroll on a summer day and I am always delighted to see the people that gather at the market to find their favorite foods, connect with farmers, and enjoy being outside. Everyone comes for their own reasons but I get a sense of community and shared experience around food which I do not find at the grocery store or a restaurant. So much hard work goes into the produce and products that farmers bring and each market seems like a small celebration of the day, the place, and the bounty that of the season.

market stand

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