June 25, 2012

Time to Reflect


Late last week we hopped in the car and drove for two days from the mid-west to the the coast. We are visiting family in New Jersey this week and then we'll spent a few weeks in Maine. I am looking forward to seeing lots more people and enjoying a bit of summer in Maine. I also plan to take lots of photos, write every day, and spend time cooking with my sisters. I've been torn about whether or not to keep posting while we are away. I worry that if I go away for a few weeks you will forget about me but I'm excited to see what it is like to take photos, write, and cook just for the sake of capturing and creating, not necessarily because I want to share them here.

In the past several months I have been creating as much as possible. Sewing, taking photos, writing, cooking almost daily. I've been knitting a sweater and working on a crocheted rag rug in my spare time. I have felt a good sense of working hard, creating a lot, and also taking just enough time for myself. I know there is always more that I want to do but sometimes it is good to let go of routines, find a chance of pace and perhaps create new habits and ways of working. Even as I am trying to figure out strategies, plans, and goals for my work I think it might be good to take a month to step back a little bit from my current creative flow.

So, if I'm not here for a few weeks I will be back soon with plenty to share.

Happy Summer!

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