June 1, 2012

This Week in the Studio

 chicken pouches


Chickens! For as long as I can remember my Dad has had chickens at his house. When I was young I would hold out a handful of food and feel the gentle scratch of a beak as a chicken ate my offering. I was always afraid to reach under them to collect the eggs they were sitting on, though. The chickens he has are bantams, a smaller type of chicken which lays eggs about half the size. There have been generations of chickens in the coop his house with many different colors and feathers.

Inspiration has struck and I made a few more chicken bags and some zipper pouches (which will make an appearance at a craft fair on July 7 in Kennebunkport, Maine).

Happy Friday!


  1. oh! I know that craft fair! I grew up in Kennebunk and would go to that fair every year! i actually wear a ring that I bought there probably 15 years ago....

  2. I went to it when I was younger, too! I hope that it is as good as I remember it.