May 25, 2012

This Week in the Studio

Every week is a mix of sewing, photography, some cooking, writing, trying to get some exercise and maybe read or work on a project just for me. I wish I could share great tips on how to make it all work or the best ways to be fulfilled, successful and make some income with creative work. I am enjoying the process, but I don't really know what I am doing or how to make these things happen.

There is, of course, satisfaction in the creative processes, but I am very happy when I can enjoy the results just as much, if not more. I made market bags this week and had a lot of fun with them. They seemed much easier to sew and when I was finished I realized that I had cut and sewn them a completely different way than the ones I made last spring. A silly mistake, but one that I am very happy with. These bags can still fit plenty, but I think they have a nicer shape and I really want to start carrying one around. There are few others in the shop, too!

Happy Weekend!

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