May 2, 2012

Essential on Our Table


In my kitchen, there are tools and dishes that get used a lot. I go through a lot of spoons in a day and between two of us, glasses for water and iced tea are in steady rotation. Cloth napkins are essential on our kitchen table. When I eat finger food, I use them constantly and usually need to toss them in the hamper soon after. The napkins on our table may be a bit rumpled, but that is because they are such a part of every day in the kitchen.


Most of the napkins we use are from our wedding. I made cloth napkins for all of our guests. They each took one home after the meal of salad, pizza, and lots of desserts. Almost three years later the ones we still have look almost as good as new. I recently had in inquiry about whether I could make napkins for a wedding and I was disappointed that it didn't work out because it would have been fun to be part of that. Many of our friends tell us that enjoy using the napkins from our wedding and I like that a little part of our day is still with them.


I love that cloth napkins can go from wiping hands covered in the dripping juice of an orange, to perched politely on white table cloths ready to dab lips (or wipe dripping hands). What is essential to your kitchen table?


  1. I love cloth napkins, too.

  2. My napkin from your wedding is the same fabric as the one in that top photo...and yes, I still use it (and tell everyone where it came from) often.

  3. We managed to 'steal' several extras after all of the guests left, and love them! We have a large stack of cloth napkins in constant rotation. Did you know they can also be used as a plate for your unwanted dinner items? My kids seem to think so.