April 13, 2012

This Week


I didn't spend as much time in the studio this week as I would normally. I needed a few days of rest and also spent one day planting onions at the farm. Instead of my usual studio update, here are a few things I have enjoyed recently.

I think I've read this one before, but I like hearing a pretty down to earth farmer remind us that good food isn't elitist.

I have a pineapple top that is starting to grow roots. But I haven't started planting any seeds yet. I need to get going so I can grow a bunch of pea shoots in my kitchen. They are so tasty.

I'm taking a fun photography class right now.

I've been enjoying a book that is densely and beautifully full of simple ideas for eating well. I am looking forward to getting a copy of this book, too. Not just for the pop tarts.

Hopefully you've seen/heard this before, but here's some great music from Minnesota. Looking forward to checking out their new album.

Many trees are blooming, tulips are up, and I've smelled a few lilacs. Spring is here so early and I am enjoying a cozy day inside while April showers outside. Happy Spring! Happy Weekend!

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