April 9, 2012

Join Me at the Table


I finally got around to making a few improvements to the Seedling Design website. A few months ago, I realized that I wanted to integrate Seedling Design more fully with my passion for food and creating in the kitchen. It only made sense for me to focus on the kitchen, table, and eating related items that I make because at it's essence my goal is to bring everyone to the kitchen and the table to share the food, stories, community, creativity and joy that happen there. Seedling Design is just one of the many ways I aspire to do this. I wanted to share my updated version of what my business is about: 
I want you to feel at home in the kitchen. Whether you've just mastered boiling water or you make it a habit of cooking three course dinners for friends, I want you to enter the kitchen with confidence and delight. You know there is something special in that space where simple ingredients are turned into a nourishing meal. It is a place where you can embrace creative abandon and be close to the ones you love. If making a meal took you twenty minutes or two hours, it was time well spent that deserves a pause in your day and a gathering of loved ones at the table.

You know that good food nourishes more than your body. Friendships flourish around the table. A well-loved apron, like favorite recipe, can be passed down for generations. You want your friends and family to know the taste of lovingly prepared food. It's not about impressing anyone. It's not about perfection. It is about joy.

You don't have to build your dream kitchen or set the perfect table, but I want you to have the right accessories to feel at home wherever you are. A set of napkins that add something special to everyday meals, a sturdy bag for carrying your farmer's market haul, the apron you wear when making your family's favorite pasta sauce. I love combining vibrant colors, fabric patterns, stitching, and appliqué to make something that you will want to use all the time. I choose quality fabrics and carefully sew each piece to make sure it will last for years.

I am passionate about food and greatly value the time I spend in the kitchen. I want to share this with you by making things that are part of the rhythm of growing, cooking, and eating. Please join me at the table.

Thanks to Ray for creating and updating the website for me. 

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