February 13, 2012

Moments to Pause


As I poured water into my teapot this morning, and watched it filter through the tea leaves, I thought about how few rituals I have. When I was in Tanzania, stopping for tea was a social necessity which began nearly every meeting and provided a mid-morning break that stopped everyone in their tracks. I don't know of any equivalent in this country, but since I spend almost all week and weekend working from home by myself or serving other people meals I might be missing it.

Lately, I have been feeling the need for a bit more quiet and have been trying to find moments to pause. While cutting, ironing, or sewing fabric, I often listen to my favorite podcasts. I enjoy reading other blogs and keeping up with the news by listening to NPR while I cook or do the dishes. Most of what I choose to listen to or read is compelling, informative, often beautiful and very enjoyable but there is just so much of it.

Of course I can turn it off and let it go anytime. I've been trying to take some time every day or week to relax and focus on reading a book or knitting or doing nothing without anything else in the back- or foreground. Sadly this winter has not brought us any snowstorms which are one of my favorite ways to let go of everything else and simply enjoy the day. I am trying to make more time for setting aside distractions and focusing on the small things. I am always working on projects that I love, but it is nice to have something that I am doing just for myself when I can let go of everything else for a few minutes or hours.

What do you do to let go?

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