January 13, 2012

This Week in the Studio

Finished Aprons

Aprons, dishcloths, and cloth napkins are all constant use in my kitchen. Well, I admit that I don't wear an apron as often as I should, but for big projects or days with lots of cooking I certainly put one on. These kitchen textiles are essential to the workings of my kitchen for keeping things somewhat neat and also for their aesthetic appeal. I love that an apron is something that becomes part of your kitchen, the routines you have, the meals you make and maybe it holds memories or perhaps it is just a useful scrap of cloth.

Objects can hold memories, connections and meaning beyond their useful or decorative purpose. Its not that we need objects to give our lives meaning or make them richer. Rather, as we use the tools and vessels that surround us we enrich them with our own meaning. I think of my sister when I pull out the green dishtowel she brought me from France. When I use our two burner griddle, I remember that my aunt and uncle gave it to us as a wedding gift. I have a favorite wooden spoon and spatula. I know that the best things in life aren't things, but I appreciate that certain objects can be more than just tools.

I realize that I don't always think about who makes these objects or where they came from before they landed in my utensil drawer. I do care and I do try choose carefully what I buy and who makes it, but that can be a real challenge. I listened to this amazing podcast earlier this week and was reminded that there is always more to the story of where things come from and it is worth knowing.

I finished three half aprons this week which will be in the shop very soon. In the next few weeks I'd like to take more photos of my process to show a bit more of what goes into the things I make. 

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