December 16, 2011

This Week in the Studio


I've been making messes. My focus has been on the making and not the messes which is why they linger and why, as soon as I finish this post, I'll be cleaning. First, I made very simple, not perfectly finished, drawstring bags for wrapping.


Then, I used fabric scraps, mod podge, and card stock to make cards to include in packages and to send to people instead of packages. I love collage and don't do it enough. It is fun to work on projects without expectations and to just make things because I enjoy it. I was hoping to make fancy labels for the jars and treats that I am sending, but my good intentions faded as time became shorter. Maybe next year I will get to them before I make everything else and run out of steam.

DSC_0155 2

The boxes I am sending are all packed up. I had a moment of gifting doubt when I was figuring out what would go in each, thinking that maybe the things I was including weren't good enough since I was trying to keep it really simple this year. As I put everything in the boxes and wrote the cards I remembered that packages are as fun to send as receive, especially when they include homemade treats.

Now I just have some cleaning to do, cards to write, and one more Christmas project to make which I hope to show you next week. Happy weekend!

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