December 9, 2011

This Week in the Studio

I've sold quite a few napkin sets so I decided to make a few more along the same free form stitching lines that I used on the bags I showed you last week. I found some of my favorite bright colors in a lovely soft cotton. I've gotten a lot of feedback that people prefer darker colored napkins so they don't look too messy while in use, so I've been trying to keep that in mind when choosing colors.

With these stitched sets, each napkin has the same basic design. Because I sew them "free hand" each leaf or vine comes out slightly different. When it comes to patterns, I am always most intrigued by the ones that don't repeat themselves perfectly. Floor tiles, quilts, weaving, patterns in nature -- the ones that vary slightly capture my attention more as I try to make sense of the pattern that varies too far out of the way. This is how I see the leaves and vines on these napkins. A repeated pattern that is not perfectly the same every time. It also reminds me of heirlooms made before mass production that often have small details that are not quite the way you expect them to be.

These were my last big project for the shop for this year. Now I need to focus on making Christmas gifts, getting packages together, and having more time to do what I please. I definitely would like to make more napkins sets like this, if they are well received, but I am looking forward to devoting more time to enjoy the holiday season and relaxing a bit in the next few weeks.

What have you been working on? I hope you are enjoying the season!

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