November 22, 2011

This Week in the Studio


Earlier this week, I made a few sets of vegetable ornaments. I made a bunch two years ago for a holiday sale and thought it might be fun to make a few this year. They're just like the veggies on my aprons and bags, but they are two-sided.


I normally try not to think about Christmas until it is December. This year, though,  I have started thinking about Christmas quite a bit earlier than usual. I've realized that time goes by so fast and it is more fun to have plenty of time to prepare for and enjoy the Christmas season. Thanksgiving deserves plenty of celebrating, I'm not trying to rush things. I am just happy to be in this season of holidays and looking forward to more preparations and celebrations.


Two year ago we had a Christmas branch. Last year we hung our ornaments on the mantle piece of the (non-working) fireplace in our apartment. I'm not sure what we'll do this year. These ornaments don't have to be for a specific holiday, they are good for any festive time when you want a few more veggies in your life :)

I know that a lot of people call today black Friday, but I like the idea of plaid Friday. Have a good weekend!

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  1. These are lovely! I might just have to cop inspiration on these and play around with my own version...