November 18, 2011

This Week in the Studio


This week I did a quick project for our house. Using a piece of gray linen that I originally thought might become a skirt, I hemmed a simple tablecloth. I love the neutral, but beautiful, gray that compliments and contrasts the bright colors of our dishes.


I was going to write up a more specific tutorial, but this is an incredibly easy project. I find it handy to use an iron to fold over the raw edge of the fabric and then fold it over and iron it again so there is no longer a raw edge. Then sew the folded edge. I sewed around with orange thread three times so there are three uneven and meandering lines of stitching. It isn't noticeable from the top of the table, but I love the look of lines of stitching.


You can pretty much hem any piece of fabric to make a tablecloth. This one fits our table when only one leaf is open (which is how it is usually set up for just the two of us) and that works just fine. We don't use tablecloths often, but I am looking forward to using this for holiday meals or every day dinners. It's really nothing fancy, but it's fun to set a festive table mostly using what we've already got and makes our dinner table feel a little more special. Have you done anything lately to make your home more festive?

P.S. I am so happy to finally have lots of aprons in the Seedling Design shop! And you can now follow seedling design on twitter.

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  1. Beautiful. I look forward to the tutorial. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!