September 15, 2011

The Rhythm of the Seasons


I spent most of yesterday harvesting crops that wouldn't survive the freeze we got last night. We cut all the winter squash from their vines placed them in long piles and covered them so they could make it through the cold night. After working hard all summer, I've reached the point where it is okay to harvest the last of the tomatoes and cucumbers. While I'm not quite ready for months and months of cold weather, I'm not opposed to the slowing down that I hope will come with it.

I think my preserving is also winding down for the season, and that is a fine thing. This week I made some dilly beans, tomato jam, and a few more cans of whole tomatoes. This morning I visited a berry farm and picked raspberries to make jam.

In the chill of yesterday morning, I was thinking about how I wish I could soak up the sun's warmth while it is still around and save it for the cold days of winter. The closest I can come to that is all the jars of summer fruits and vegetables. I have made a great effort this year to stow away as much as I can in jars and it has been a lot of rewarding work. I love that this is part of the rhythm of the seasons and I am looking forward to this transition from a season of warmth and abundance to one that lets me slow down and find more time for things inside and inside myself.

What is the season like where you are? Are you ready for the transition that comes this time of year?

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  1. It looks like you guys did a ton of work canning and preserving this year. I'm sure you'll be thrilled that you put in the effort come January. Stay warm!