August 12, 2011

The Light

I think it was Wednesday evening, I was in the kitchen and looked out the window. A golden light drenched the wild grape leaves climbing over my neighbor's fence. I went outside with the camera, partly to grasp that beautiful moment, partly because I've been learning more about how to use this light capturing tool and I wanted to practice. I was going to post one of the photos here and write about how in this busy busy summer, that moment of light reminded me not only to slow down, but to focus more on the here and now, no matter how busy I am.

Then, I temporarily forgot about the photos and reformatted the camera's memory card, deleting what I had tried to capture the day before. So, there you have it. That fleeting moment is gorgeously captured in my mind, though I don't have the photo to share with you here. I've noticed that the daylight is changing, we don't see sunlight until much later in the morning and it disappears earlier in the evening each day. Summer hasn't left yet, but it will slip by much faster than I want it to, or realize. I love having time to pause and linger over a meal, or a patch of sunlight. It doesn't happen enough, but I'm trying to remember to appreciate the various parts of the day.

Enjoy the light, wherever you are!

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