August 29, 2011

Finally Something New

It has been quite a while, but at long last I have added some new items to my shop. I made a bag for my friend Lora who is starting law school this fall and then I made a few more. I use my bag year round but it's always fun to think of a new bag (and pencils and books) in the fall whether you are starting school or not. In my mind it is still thoroughly summer, but the mornings are cooler and I think about sweaters, applesauce and the way the sunlight filters through the leaves in September.  

I haven't had a lot of time to sew this summer, but here are the new bags that I recently finished and added to my shop.

In the little spare time I have had, I've been doing tons of preserving. Last weekend I canned 21 pints of salsa. This past week I sealed lots of whole tomatoes into jars, made tomato paste, froze corn and turned plums into jam and a Chinese-style sauce. I've also been reading and really enjoying Blood Bones and Butter and managed to get to the library recently for some more new books.

This has probably been my busiest summer ever, work-wise. Between my two jobs I've had very few days off so I am really looking forward to going camping for two days at the end of this week. I just got a new selection of beautiful fabric and hope to work on more bags, aprons and placemats soon!

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