May 27, 2011

Why Not?


I was reading this blog post when I came across this question which, for some reason, really resonated with me. I have spent ages thinking about what I really want to do, and trying to pinpoint exactly what it is. I have spent years doing what made sense at the time, knowing that eventually I would be able to do something that I really wanted to do and cared about even more. Since we've moved, I've been in a bit of a limbo -- needing to make and save money by working a job that is convenient but not gratifying, but trying hard to spend time creating something worthwhile.

There have been many times in the past several months when I've felt like I've been working really hard but not getting anywhere. I know it takes time to find success in a creative venture. But still I wonder, am I doing what I really love? There are so many questions in my mind -- does doing what I love mean that is how I earn a living? How can I earn a living doing what I love? What exactly is it that I love and want to do?

Its good to ask these questions, to rethink things and get a better idea of where I will go from here. I will keep pondering, but mostly I wanted to share this question with you. Are you doing what you love? Yes? No? Why Not?


  1. These questions are definitely on my mind too, though I don't have a lot (or really any) answers. All I definitely know is that I've been really encouraged by learning about creative people and ventures. Shedding light on creativity seems to shed light on these questions for me, however, the answers are still somewhat shrouded. Thanks for clearly laying out some of the questions.

  2. It does seem like there are always more questions than answers, but I guess its good to be asking and thinking!

  3. I linked back to your post because your questions kept me thinking. It's really easy for me to get lost in daily details and forget to ask myself these questions, even if I don't come up with answers.