May 18, 2011

Spring Work

It's a busy time of year and between various jobs and trying to get things together for an upcoming fair this weekend, I haven't had time for much else. But, though I am very tired when I get home from working on the farm, I do appreciate the feeling of doing physical work all day. It makes it harder to get other things done, but the days are long this time of year and I get to relish the lingering daylight while I cook dinner and do some work in the evening.


I have been enjoying my little porch garden with the back door open and breezes wandering through the screen. I've got a good variety of herbs and I look forward to when I can step out the door and cut a few leaves or stalks to add to our meal. The peas are also up and getting ready to climb. If you are interested in more ideas for your own container garden, I wrote this article about how to get started.

I haven't been doing as much sewing as usual, since I am spending more time at the farm. But I am looking forward to the fair this weekend and have a few more things to finish up (I hope) later this week.



  1. The garden looks so colorful. You're not missing much here in NE--rain, rain and more rain. Enjoy the fair!

  2. We've had a rainy spring, too. I hope some sunshine comes your way, soon!