April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!


As I said in my newsletter earlier this week, I think it is crucial to make every day Earth Day, but I also think it is important to celebrate occasions when they come along. In the spirit of caring for the earth and making each day vibrantly green, I'm sharing some links that I have found interesting and inspiring and I have a little gift for you at the end of this post, too.

I think handmade and homemade is one of the best ways to support local farmers, connect with your food and reduce waste. I mentioned making homemade butter last week. All it takes is some good quality cream (maybe you have a local farm you can support). It is so easy to make and such a treat!

I recently found Earth911, a site which helps you find where and what you can recycle near where you live. Also, if you are looking to recycle e-waste (old computers, cell phone, etc) it is really important to bring them to a reputable recycler, one that is not going to send e-waste overseas where people break down the computers (often by burning the entire thing) to extract precious metals and copper. E-stewards provides information on certified e-waste recyclers who make sure that the e-waste is recycled in an environmentally, socially, and globally responsible way.

Speaking of recycling, on her blog, Zero Wast Home, Bea talks about how it is most important to refuse first. 

Simple living is another, important way to care for ourselves, our communities, and the earth. I read this a while ago, but can definitely use the reminder.

If you are inspired to plan a garden, there are so many good seed companies to choose from. This shop, run by a Laura Watt in Toronto, sells seeds geared toward the home gardener and she incorporates environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of her business.

I have new market bags in my shop! The latest batch is made from organic cotton canvas. The colors are beautiful and the bags are sturdy. As with everything I made, they are designed to make it easy and fun for you to conserve resources and enjoy being green! In honor of making every day Earth Day I am giving you a coupon for 10% off anything in my shop today. Just use the coupon code earthday when you check out.

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