March 14, 2011

Small Things

In the past few weeks I've often thought of people I don't know, in places that I've never been. Triumphs and tragedies have brought huge changes to parts of the world that I only know of through news reports, but I still think of the people there and sincerely hope the best for them. I aim to do more than just hope, but in the meantime here I am in my small daily life where I am reminded that I should take nothing for granted. This is something I often forget when I am busy and tired. Life is made of up small things and they should be appreciated.

Today I am so glad to see the sun and feel the air that is a bit warmer than it has been recently. I am grateful that Ray is home from his week in Chicago and that I have some time today to spend in the kitchen.

I am really excited about the most recent addition to my shop.


Cloth napkin sets.


Each set is a different color of vibrant cotton. There are six napkins in each set.


Each napkin in the set has a different vegetable appliqued on it. When I was growing up we each had our own napkin ring and after every meal we would replace the napkin in the ring until it needed to be washed. With these sets everyone can pick a different veggie to use until they need to be washed. No need to wash them after only one use and no one will have to use someone else's dirty napkin. Just another simple way to make your table a little brighter and a little greener.


  1. I agree with you on world events and the little things in life. Your napkins are just lovely. Gorgeous work.