February 28, 2011

Emerging from the Cold

I do believe spring is on its way! I know it is not quite March, we still have three weeks of official winter, and it is certainly cold and snowy here. The bright sun, chirping birds, and longer daylight keep me hopeful that the seasons will, indeed, change. Warmer days and green growth will reappear, even if it is a little early to be expecting spring.

This winter I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on Seedling Design. Many of my ideas have been circling around eco friendly and green living. I am working on adding more items that you can use to make every day green. I believe that we can all make small changes that really do add up. I hope that my one of a kind, handmade items can help everyone make small changes for a greener world.

I always feel slightly awkward using the term "green" because it can be over used and not very meaningful. I recently read this article and the note that inspired it. I discovered the idea of bright green environmentalism which makes me want to focus on items that can be vibrantly green. I want to continue crafting things that are made to last, that combine beauty, utility, and small solutions. While a reusable bag isn't an example of great innovation, I am trying to create more items that are useful everyday. But I stress that every day green doesn't have to be boring, dull or lacking in color. I am striving to make every day vibrantly green.

I intend to share more of my ideas for vibrantly green handmade living here and I'll be sending out a newsletter with shop and blog updates and more (there's a sign up form over to the right if you are interested). It will still be some weeks until I can truly welcome spring, but after all this behind the scenes work and I'm excited to have new designs and brightly colored items emerging out of winter's work.

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  1. Hi! I am a new follower from the market bag giveaway :)
    Very very cute bags!! I am going to check out recipe's next!
    Thanks So much!!