October 29, 2010

Aprons and My Kitchen

New Aprons

I'm really excited to tell you about my latest sewing project. I've been bouncing around from idea to idea, brainstorming as I go. I know that I will eventually focus on making the items that I find most successful and interesting, but until then I am chasing ideas in whatever direction they lead me. Since I made these last winter, I have been wanting to come up with more aprons. Finally, ideas and inspiration for this have come along.

I am so pleased to finally have some aprons in my shop. I've realized more and more that I want my creative process to truly combine beauty and utility. I strive to make things that are practical and useful but also pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to use. These aprons are a great example of this intersection between practical and fun, pretty and sturdy. I really enjoy making something that encompasses my creativity in sewing and my love of making things in the kitchen.

Red in the Kitchen

Cooking, baking, fermenting and canning are perfect examples of the practical and delightful coming together. I try to create food that is flavorful and satisfying to the palate, but also good nourishing fuel. Making all kinds of foods from scratch is a practice of discovery and creativity as well as the basic need to feed, eat, and enjoy.

Full Apron

I couldn't help but share some photos of everyday moments in my kitchen alongside these aprons. It is these simple but beautiful moments that make up so much of life and help to inspire my creative process. I am content with the realization that the crux of my creativity is focused on combining practicality and joy, utility and beauty, aesthetic and necessity.


You can see more of these aprons at Seedling Design.


  1. These are adorable! I love them!

  2. These aprons are simply amazing! So cute and each design is so inspired by different foods.

    Lovely blog!