April 29, 2011

Something New

This photo is the best I could do while being both model and photographer, but I have been making some new aprons, from organic cotton canvas and linen. I bought the fabric without really knowing what I would do with it. I thought probably bags or aprons and then I came up with a different version of the aprons I've been making.

Sometimes I wish I could plot the evolution of my ideas. I am often pleasantly surprised with what I come up with. I find that I can't really push myself to make something new that I haven't done before, it just kind of comes when the time is right. It is best when my ideas and what I can actually make are in alignment, which is what (luckily) happened here.

I am really pleased with these new aprons, I love the soft fabric, the colors, and the contrasting kitchen tools appliqued on the pockets. I hope other people like will like them, too. I just finished the first batch, but they will be for sale in the shop next week!

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